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About Friends of Seniors

Friends of Seniors, a fund under the El Dorado Community Foundation, is an organization supporting wellness, life enrichment, dignity and independence of El Dorado County Seniors and their caregivers through advocacy and financial assistance.

Our goal is to raise funds for programs and services that improve and enhance the quality of life for seniors in El Dorado County.

2017 Board Members

Chair: Kathi Lishman

Vice Chair: Bob Steele

Secretary: Wanda Demarest

Treasurer: Norma Echabarne

George Appelbaum

Joyce Shinn-Draper

Diana Steele

All members serve without compensation, benefiting our county and communities through funding of programs to serve seniors.

We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging continued development and provision of quality programs and services for seniors living in
    El Dorado County
  • Promoting awareness of and interest in programs, resources, services for El Dorado County seniors
  • Advocating and promoting facility improvements to the Placerville Senior Center and Senior Day Care Center
  • Advocating and financially supporting the development of new facilities to house current and/or future programs for El Dorado County seniors
  • Advocating for government policies of benefit to El Dorado County seniors
  • Developing scholarship assistance to enable El Dorado County seniors to participate in senior programs and services
  • Encouraging community support for the enhancement of non-profit senior programs and services through fundraising, gifts, bequests, and scholarships

Friends of Seniors is a fund under the auspices and charitable designation of the El Dorado Community Foundation.
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